Our Story

Divaneering Laboratories began when two Engineers with a passion for fashion, technology, and innovation partnered to provide beauty enthusiast with products that are unique and practical.

Janie Cauthorne is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur with businesses in the real-estate and healthcare industries. She has a strong acumen for starting small, strong, successful businesses. A thought leader, an innovator, a trailblazer, and a true model citizen within the community, Janie brings expert leadership to Divaneering Laboratories.

Shawna Stepp-Jones is an electrical engineer and creative STEM protagonist. With a deep passion for innovation and technology, Shawna provides vision to Divaneering Laboratories with fresh ideas for products and a wealth of knowledge on the latest trends in beauty innovation.

Divaneering Laboratories strives to provide solutions that propel beauty and fashion evolution, assuring women of all diversities have access to unique, curated, affordable, quality products.